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PPC advertising is a form of paid search engine marketing in which an advertiser pays a publisher for each click or impression. The cost per click or cost per conversion are the two main factors that affect the total cost. The total costs also depend upon the quality of traffic you are receiving.

PPC advertising is a type of online marketing where the advertiser spends money to have ads shown on search engine results pages, social media, e-mail notifications, or other “pay per click” (PPC) advertising.

Nowadays more and more companies are using ppc advertising because it’s cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. ppc ads are also good for targeting people who are actively looking for services or products. One problem with this type of advertising is that it’s easy to get lost in the noise with so many competing ads.

Where can I use PPC

Clicks only exist on the internet, so the PPC model is used exclusively for internet marketing. Banners are placed everywhere: in search results, various networks (affiliate, teaser, etc.), websites, etc. The main goal is to attract as much traffic as possible. For what? To “drag” the user into the sales funnel. If a person clicks on an ad, then he is interested in it. That is, he is much closer to making a purchase than the one who just looked at the banner and went about his business.

It is very easy to imagine online advertising in practice because it is all around us. One has only to go online and browse a few sites, and you will see a huge amount of advertisements. It is placed by advertisers using special systems.

What are the differences between PPC and CPC

  • PPC is the model by which the price is formed.
  • CPC is the cost per click that the advertiser pays.

The price can be fixed or flexible. Pricing flexibility is common in search engines and social media. The cost per click in them differs depending on the competition that exists at the time of the click. Also, the price is influenced by the quality of the banner and site. Advertising systems have their own quality assessment criteria, to which an individual approach needs to be developed.

PPC efficiency

The effectiveness of PPC is not just about cost per click. Of course, lower cost per click increases the number of visitors for the same budget, but the main indicator of efficiency is ROI. ROI is an abbreviation for return on investment, which translates as return on investment. Within the framework of this article, we will not go into the specifics of the analysis of this indicator. Let’s summarize the main goals of any PPC campaign:

  • The lowest cost per click
  • Targeted traffic
  • High conversion rate

As a consequence, these points will lead to high ROI, i.e. high campaign performance.

Responsibilities of PPC Professionals

The task of a PPC specialist is to manage advertising campaigns. This is a rather narrow focus. Often this is the person in charge of contextual advertising, who has been assigned additional responsibilities. He manages campaigns across multiple sites, experiments with pricing models, and more to achieve the best possible performance. What other tasks does it perform:

  • is in search of new advertising tools, improves knowledge in the already used;
  • communicates closely with the sales department to determine the most important product categories;
  • works through advertising campaigns, adapting them to the peculiarities of a particular system;
  • monitors campaigns and works to improve their effectiveness.

Such a specialist can be regular or non-regular. It is necessary to hire a person in the staff if the work involves the sale of many goods.

PPC requires specialized skills to be effective. The specialist must understand the market, tools and systems within which the advertising campaign takes place. To get the most interested audience, it is necessary to conduct constant analysis of ads. The success of an advertising campaign directly depends on the professional skills of this specialist.


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