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At present, Internet traffic has become more expensive and Content Marketing has become the new commanding height of Internet competition. Multi-party Internet platforms, media, and agencies are actively deploying content strategies to compete for fragmented time for users.

  Not only that, but brand owners are also actively exploring the In-House model to manage brand content dissemination, which has become a new trend. 

  It can be said that in the new era driven by digitalization, content is still the “king”. But at the same time, with the explosion of information, marketing has shown a supply surplus. The vast majority of marketing failed to stand out and eventually fell into the rabbit hole on the Internet.

  According to data released by the Content Marketing Association: 88% of marketers will use content marketing methods, and 76% of marketers said they expect to produce more this year than last year. The budget will increase to 33.1% within two years from the current 23.3%, making marketing not only traffic generation but also an important participatory channel.

  On the one hand, it is the ever-increasing content marketing budget and endless content, on the other hand, the feeling of powerlessness captured by consumers. Through some professional research data, we have concluded the following main influencing factors:

  • Consumers prefer content that is instructive and helpful.
  • Personalized content can better promote consumer purchases.
  • Consumers need to see content continuously.
  • User-produced content makes consumers feel more intimate.
  • Content dissemination channels are too fragmented, causing consumers to pay attention to the information and ignore the brand.

  So, to make successful marketing, what are the core key issues that we urgently need to pay attention to and solve?

  First, there is a misunderstanding of cognition. Many people’s cognition of content market is still limited to the form of content mainly based on videos, pictures, and texts, using social media to publish, combined with film and television dramas for IP marketing, etc…

  Secondly, it is the focus of the strategy. When marketers formulate marketing strategies, they tend to be brand-centric rather than user-centric. 

  Finally, it is a measure of the success of marketing. Marketers do not have clear goals and plans when formulating content marketing strategies, and cannot clearly define what a good marketing strategy is. The survey found that 57% of B2B enterprise marketers believe that measuring the effectiveness of content is the biggest challenge facing content marketing.

  Based on the above three main core problems, the solution we give is:

  First of all, it is necessary to clarify what marketing is.

  Second, we must be able to clearly understand the true value of content market.

  The most important thing is to lay out content market strategies and ecology based on the “user management” thinking.

  1. What exactly is content marketing

  The most important part of content marketing is content, so content marketing is marketing generated by content. As early as the newspaper era or even earlier, the concept of content market already existed. With the development of industrialization and informatization, content marketis constantly enriching and evolving.

  From the American Content Marketing Association’s definition of content marketing: the necessary characteristics of content marketing are “valuable”, “relevant”, and “sustainable”. It is a strategic marketing method, a media asset, and is suitable for All content carriers, media channels and platforms are content that can attract the audience’s automatic attention and acquisition. Not just advertising or public relations, based on a certain activity, not only limited to social media, nor does it need to spend huge amounts of money to publish to reach the audience’s content, more importantly, the content not only attracts high-matching target groups but also It can promote business transformation and bring benefits to enterprises.

  2. The true value of content

  When most marketers talk about the value of content market, they often hit “improving brand image and visibility”, “increasing visitor volume”, “bringing higher conversion rate”…, and our advice is: From the perspective of “life cycle” to discover the true value of the content market.


  Around the different stages of the customer’s full life cycle, the value embodied by content market will vary.


  3. Layout content market strategy and ecology based on “user management” thinking

  Based on the “user management” thinking, here we give a formula for the layout of content market strategy and ecology:


Below we will analyze this formula through specific method recommendations and cases of Content Marketing.

  1. Need to establish a “user-centric” content market strategy

  Before building a content market strategy, we must first ask ourselves a question: Can our content market strategy bring the most value to users?

  The core way to solve this problem is “balance.” The so-called balance refers to the balance between the brand goal-oriented business needs and the user value-oriented user needs when doing marketing, and finally reached The mission value of the content.

  2. Focus on subdivided groups, mirror the “customer life journey”, and establish content connection points and connection strength

  In the process of the specific implementation, four key elements must be mastered: individualization, relevance, value, and continuity.

  Personalization: Focusing on the segmentation and insight of the crowd, and establishing personalized communication.


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