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Website Development By the use of Scratch to online

Website Development is the most common Business nowadays. What is the process of website development? If a person develops a website, what preparation should he do? Let me take it slowly…

Ready to work

  • System architecture selection
  • Website design

To develop a website, we must first think about what the requirements are and how many visits to the website, and then we must start the design of the front and back ends.

Back-end design: The main concern is whether the peak concurrency of the website is very high, whether the database of the website must support transactions, a general website, just use a popular development framework (PHP can choose larval, nodejs can choose express or koa, python chooses flask, java chooses spring boot spring MVC), database support transaction chooses MySQL PostgreSQL, regardless of a transaction chooses MongoDB

Front-end design (interface): designers produce AI or PSD drawings, and interactive UI renderings

Front-end design (framework): React (basically mature, compatible to IE8), Vue (basically mature, compatible to IE9), native

If you develop quickly, the front-end and the back-end are not separated, and the SEO requirements are relatively strong, you can consider the template engine to render the front-end page

Recommendation: The front and back ends are written in Javascript, so one person can do it

Start Website Development (nodejs as an example)

  • local
  • Git Workflow mode development
  • Database environment configuration (test environment production environment development)
  • The use of automation tools (web pack automatically packs gulp to handle various tasks)
  • test
  • on-line
  • Domain purchase
  • DNS resolution
  • Cloud server purchase (including operating system, it is recommended to use Linux distributions such as CentOS)
  • Cloud server user creation (user permission ssh only allows secret key login)
  • Cloud server reverse proxy configuration (Nginx recommended) or use cloud service load balancing
  • Cloud server firewall configuration
  • Cloud server database configuration (you can purchase the database service separately, or you can get a database server separately, the display type website that does not need to be update can not configure the database)
  • Server code running environment configuration (refer to local environment configuration)
  • Server cache configuration (Redis or the cache server provided by the service provider is recommended)
  • Automated testing of githook online environment can also be start
  • Online logs and monitoring alarms (you can use third-party services OneApm Alinode, etc.)

Code deployment online

  • front end
  • Front-end code compression, file name md5
  • The server turns on gzip compression
  • Public files, pictures, videos on CDN
  • Picture base64
  • Domain divergence
  • Sprite
  • rear end
  • Database index
  • Does the database need to read and write separate database and table
  • Perform good unit testing and integration testing on the back-end code
  • deploy

Use git for deployment (pit hook automated testing, automated pull to the server)

The above is my little experience of full-stack development in the company. If there is anything you can say, please point it out…


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