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How to write articles for SEO optimization

Search engines will scan your articles for keywords and phrases. They mainly look for in these places:

  • Title and subtitle
  • Keyword section

Is your article easily submerged in millions of other articles and hard to find, making it impossible for readers to read it?

If so, you are not a special case; when it is not highlighted and indexed in the right way, even great research may be overlooked to a certain extent.

In a survey of 4,668 researchers, 95% of respondents said they found the information they needed in journal articles, and 39% of respondents started their search from a full-text search server like ScienceDirect. Therefore, publishing your research results in Elsevier means that your articles will be the first articles that researchers may encounter when searching. But how can you rank your articles first? How to improve search engine rankings?

You only need to make a little effort before submitting the manuscript. Here are some sensible tips to help you get start.

Practical skills:

Your meta description is an introduction to the content of your page. Don’t try to induce users to visit irrelevant content. This will only give users a bad experience and negatively affect your website brand. Different search engines display different description words, but they are generally around 160 characters, so our description should also be controlled within 160 characters. You must consciously incorporate keywords that users may search for in the description. Search engines will mark these keywords in red. This effect is very helpful to help users choose.

The effects of testing, improving, filtering, and repeating descriptions can also be seen through some statistical tools to see their conversion rate and click-through rate. Constantly test and improve our descriptions, and filter descriptions with low click-through rates and low conversion rates. Repeating effective descriptions is a virtuous circle of improvement methods.

  • Choose your keywords carefully
  • Make sure the title is short and relevant
  • Repeat keywords in the abstract and throughout the article
  • Add explanatory text to all images
  • Use subtitles
  • Say important things three times, link, link, link again


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