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Best SEO Tools For Small Businesses

Small businesses are vital to the prosperity of the domestic economy, but as the competition between businesses becomes more and more fierce, the characteristics of local search engine optimization become more important. Understanding how SEO works and how to use search engine optimization to attract traffic is important for businesses. The development of it is very important.

As the availability of SEO services for small businesses continues to increase, if you are not familiar with the way SEO works, you may want to hire an SEO expert to help you. However, if you understand the basics, you can use the following tools to optimize your website and make it easy to use:

Google is the most used search engine in the world, so it has the most consumer behavior data. When the algorithm changes, it also has a huge impact on SEO strategies. Google also provides some services to help you collect and analyze data about the website and its performance.

Google Trends

Google Trends can help you compare keywords and analyze how people use Google to search for content. Google Trends is very easy to use when you want to compare your business with your competitors or want to search for the right terms for your business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides in-depth data about how the website works. Google Analytics can analyze page views, click-through rates and user browsing tracks on the web.

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Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

Google Search Console is a tool to help businesses be discovered on Google; it tests and drives your sitemap and recommends any bugs that need to be fixed. By using this tool, you can ensure that your website is accessible on Google, and you can also use the data to find your most popular products.

Page Speed ​​Insights

The speed of a website sometimes determines the number of users who visit your page. In this case, use Page Speed ​​Insights to analyze the speed of the web page and provide recommendations that can be implement accordingly. In this way, you can optimize the loading speed of web pages to ensure the relevance of search engines such as Google.

Screaming Frog

You can use this tool for free, it can check the website and identify broken links or other problems on the website. Screaming Frog can identify duplicate or missing page titles and metadata. This tool integrates with Google Analytics to help you build data into an overall analysis profile.

Moz Pro

MOZ is the leader of Google search engine optimization. The SEO management tool in Moz Pro is used to track rankings and find keywords with targeted suggestions. It will also crawl your website to identify any errors or problems that may exist.


The main feature of the Ahrefs tool is to provide you with a broad range of insights about your competitors, which allows you to better decide the possible strategies to use when implementing SEO. This tool can also help you find keywords, check backlinks and crawl websites.


In the era when search engines are the introduction of regular traffic, you cannot ignore the importance of SEO. Whether it is a bakery or a social media consulting company, most online businesses need to effectively optimize their websites.


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